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About Us

Learn with … and its sister company Kinesthetics are innovative not-for-profit companies based in West Wales that operate in the European Lifelong Learning Programme. They are run by three like-minded people, all with a background in education and an interest in helping adult and atypical-learners.


Background and Aims

Kinesthetics has grown out of our earlier European project work which explored various intergenerational learning situations. These earlier projects demonstrated the need for us to deliver on this early work and so Kinesthetics was born to compliment Learn with … and to share the lessons learnt in our own communities.

Our aims are  …

To promote adult learning in all it's forms.

To support all learners and facilitate skills-exchange between the generations.

To encourage the innovative use of technology to support teaching and learning.

To design, create and deliver high quality teaching and learning materials.

To work internationally to promote life-long-learning.

To demonstrate honesty, integrity and high moral values in all we do.

Contact Information


Carroll Nunnerley

Ric Foot

Gary Rudland

Kinesthetics  Company No 8000051

Learn with  Company No 05913133

01550 721474

01550 777187

01269 594282



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